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The Future of Freelancing?

Today, I breezed through “Will the Washington Post’s New Talent Network Become the Uber of Freelancing?” by Dillon Baker for The Freelancer and I wanted to put it out here on B&B for other freelance writers for two reasons.

  1. It talks about what may be one of the biggest technological shifts in freelance journalism since the Internet opened for business.
  2. If you’ve ever wanted to pitch ideas to The Washington Post, you’re gonna need to know about this.

The article takes a look at the Post’s new Talent Network, an online marketplace where freelancers can add profiles, pitch stories, and accept assignments. The Post put together this quick video about the project that explains a little more.

I’m almost certain that other media outlets are watching the efforts and will soon follow suit. Will this make it easier for editors at the news outlet find the freelancers they need? Most assuredly. Will freelance writers looking to break in have a tougher time? The official jury is out on that one. What say you? Do you think talent networks will make it easier or harder to get your pitches in front of an editor?

One comment on “The Future of Freelancing?

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