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Required Reading for Writers: A Financial Reality Check

Just a quick bit here, because this was too good not to share.

A tip of the hat to author Lish McBride for sharing this on Facebook. I might have missed it if she hadn’t, and that would have been a shame on SO many levels.

Chuck Wendig does not mince words when it comes to discussing what it means to try to earn a living as a writer in the current climate. His post, Peaks and Valleys : The Financial Realities of the Writer’s Life on Terrible Minds offers plenty of food for thought for those of you wondering if it is possible to support yourselves through writing. And he should know as he currently supports his family with money earned from his words.

Of special note are his tips for weathering the income highs and lows that come with the territory. Especially this mantra-worthy tidbit:

“Don’t be some drunk driver just wildly veering through your career. Aim for stuff. Have goals and accelerate toward them aggressively.”

Put it on your “to-read” list. Oh, and one caveat: if you have language sensitivities, some of Mr. Wendig’s phrases may cause itching, chafing, or other discomfort. Proceed with caution.

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