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Freelance Writing: Financial Help for Hard Times

Freelance Writing: Financial Help for Hard Times

Where do you turn when disaster strikes? These resources offer financial help for writers in need.

Freelance Writing Contracts

Freelance Writing Contracts

Are you writing without a safety net? If you take on freelance gigs without a contract, or with a bad contract, you could be setting yourself up for trouble. A good contract covers more than getting paid. It protects your rights and limits your liabilities as a writer.

Freelance Rate Calculator

An online resource to help you calculate what your writing time is worth.

Taxes for Writers

Learn about an online resource for tax advice especially for writers.

Writing an About Page: The Who’s Who of You

The About Page is a critical part of your writer’s toolkit. Here are tips and tidbits for making yours the best it can be.

Know Your Writing Rights: Are You Giving Them Away?

Writers spend a lot of time looking for markets for their work. I know how time consuming that can be, which is why I keep a list of markets on this site. It also means that, by default, I’ve read more misleading “write for us” pages and submission guidelines and FAQs than I care to […]

Are You Wasting Your Writing Time? Find Out Before You Pitch

One of the pitfalls of freelance writing is you might have the perfect idea for a section of a magazine, but never stand a chance at breaking into that spot because it’s covered by someone on staff. How can you tell? Do a little homework before you pitch. Check the writer’s guidelines You’ve probably noticed […]

Overcoming Chaos: Writing… with Children

When I began my freelance career I had no office and no door to shut to block out the rumblings of everyday life. Heck, I didn’t even have a computer (yes, yes, insert age joke here.) On the flip-side, I also had no email, no social media, and no drop-everything cell phone distractions to keep […]

Five Places to Find Interview Sources

You’ve got the perfect pitch idea, but you need an expert to quote. Where do you turn? here are five places to seek the people who will liven up your writing with their words. Blogs Just about everyone who’s an expert in anything has a blog. Many have the added credibility of authoring books. Do […]

Writing: Loving the Unlovable Assignment

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to pitching ideas, I lean toward the ones I will enjoy researching and writing. I suspect most writers are the same. When those are assigned, I get that happy-happy, joy-joy feeling that inspires me to write. Then there’s the flip side. The email or phone call […]