Out of Order

For our wedding anniversary, my husband and I went to a movie. The one we chose to see was Cloud Atlas. For the first ten to fifteen minutes, I wasn’t sure we would make it to the end, then we got hooked. At the end of the movie, we both agreed that we enjoyed it, but […]

The Undiscovered Sequel

It seems like nowadays everything successful gets a sequel. Popular book? Turn it into a series. Well-received movie? Cash in on the success with part II. Top-rated television series? Let’s make a spin-off! Your assignment this week is to “discover” a sequel for one of your favorite books or short stories and write a description […]

Weekend Assignment: Strokes of Genius

Last week while traveling, I was stuck in a hotel room channel surfing while my hubby hogged the computer to feed his newfound Angry Birds addiction. (Yes, we keep him cloistered, so it takes awhile for things like AB to filter in.) I happened to stumble onto one of Bob Ross’s televised painting lessons. I’m […]

Writing Sparks: October 2012

October might be my favorite month of all. fall festivals, cooler weather, Halloween… I even like raking leaves! (Not bagging them, though. Hate that part.) I’m making ready to haunt my front yard, and I’m dreaming up Halloween ideas for editors for next year. Many will be looking for this holiday a year (or more!) […]

Weekend Assignment: Blackout Poetry

One of the benefits to writing for an education market is I get to spend a bunch of time researching cool things to teach kids to do. In the process, I routinely run across fun things for writers of all ages. One of my recent discoveries along those lines? Blackout Poetry. I found it when […]

Writing Sparks: September 2012

I cannot believe how fast this year is flying by. Can you? It’s already time for September queries and ideas. Here are the latest sparks to get you writing. Mix and match the ideas if you like, or go where the muse takes you. Good luck with your projects this month! Query Spark: Editors living […]

Weekend Assignment: Loglines

Hooray for Friday! This has been one of those never-ending weeks! I hope yours has been productive. I’m pleased at the response to my call for your favorite blog posts for writers. I’m still collecting nominations and will be throughout the rest of the year. If you haven’t already, please read the guidelines and nominate […]

Weekend Assignment: Uncovering Your Voice

Imagine you walked into a room full of strangers where someone handed you a microphone and expected you to make an impromptu speech. What would you do? If you are like most people, you’d probably freeze on the spot, filled with the certainty that you are going to say the wrong thing, or sound like […]

Writing Sparks: August 2012

I hope you are having a cooler summer than I. This season has been good for hiding out in the air conditioning and cranking out words, but I have to admit to a case of cabin fever. If you are like me, fresh inspiration is welcome during these long hot days. so, without further ado, […]

Weekend Assignment: Life Lessons

Happy weekend, writers! This week’s assignment post is doing double duty. It’s a prompt, PLUS a contest announcement. The Fifth Annual Real Simple Life Lessons Essay Contest  is going on right now. Each year they have a new theme based on a question. This year’s question is: “If you could change one decision you made […]