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One Way to Create a Lasting (Negative) Impression

It has happened again. Today, I received a very polite pitch for a guest blog post. Those of you long-time readers know I rarely host guest posts. When I do, I solicit them from friends and colleagues in the writing community.  So, problem numero uno: an unsolicited pitch to a market that doesn’t accept them. […]

Sick Daze: Health Insurance and Freelance Writing

Trying to keep up with the health insurance trends at the moment can be frustrating, but going without insurance can be downright frightening. Lately, I’ve been doing some investigation of my own, and though I wish I could say I’ve found the Holy Grail in affordable health insurance for us writers, sadly, that is not […]

Weekend Assignment: Writing Roots

What are your writing roots? Where did that initial spark that made you want to become a writer come from? Was it a picture book you read as a child? A novel from  your teen years? I think I was ten or eleven when I started reading Erma Bombeck. From there I progressed to other […]

The Rejection Pledge

How do you respond to rejections? Does the writer inside you cringe? Thought so. Here’s an idea for 2012. Instead of dreading rejections, embrace them. I can picture your expression right now: O.o Yes, I said, “embrace.” Let me explain. A few years back, I was one of a team of moderators on the AbsoluteWrite […]

When Writing for Free Is a GOOD Thing

Long-time followers of B&B know I am a big fan of making money. I think writers should be paid and paid fairly for the work they do. Yet, this week I took on a free gig and I’m donating some of my writing time to a local organization. Confused? Let me explain. I may not be […]

WTH is FOTB? (And Why Writers Should Know)

FOTB. If you’re new to the game of writing for magazines, you may not know this acronym, but you should. No. Don’t try to say it. Your tongue may get tangled. This acronym is part of the alphabet soup of the writing world. It stands for “Front of the book,” and refers to sections of filler […]

Writing Rituals: Train Your Muse to Be a Creature of Habit

Are you a writer held hostage by your muse? You wake up determined today will be THE day that project gets completed, that dream gets dreamed, that story gets started… you know what I mean. Then, you sit at your desk wondering what adventure your muse has wandered off on, because she didn’t show up […]

The Hangover Two Aspirin Won’t Cure

I’m sure this blog will not be the first to post on this subject, nor will it be the last. Sadly, today’s topic is a perennial problem in the writing world. I want to talk about professionalism among writers. This post was inspired by Monday’s firestorm over at Big Al’s Books and Pals where an […]

Want to write full time? Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Visit any of the writing communities and one of the more common questions you’ll find (maybe you’ve even asked it yourself) is “Can I make a living as a freelance writer?” I’ve posted about this before, but I want to address another facet. Each of the roadblocks listed below can keep you from earning what […]

Four Ways to Dig Writing Ideas from Your Brain

Brainstorming. All writers do it to get the gears of the mind turning.  It’s easier if you have a group of writerly friends handy who can, at the drop of a hat, help you find inspiration. If you are like most writers, your need for inspiration will strike when you are least likely to be […]