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Writing Sparks: March 2013

Writing Sparks: March 2013

What will you write this month? This collection of fiction and nonfiction prompts will get your creative wheels turning.

Weekend Assignment: Clippity, Bobbity, Boo

If writing to make money is your goal, and you don’t have a fistful of clips to show prospective clients, this weekend’s assignment will help you generate some.

Writing Sparks: February 2013

Pencils sharpened? Keyboard at the ready? This month’s fiction and nonfiction writing prompts await!

Weekend Assignment: Digging Out

Hello writers! It’s time to post up the first writing assignment of the new year. This past week, I remarked that while I love to be busy, I despise being so busy I can’t decide where to start. That pretty much sums up my year so far — too much to do, and no idea […]

Writing Sparks December 2012

Wow, we are almost to the end of the year! I’m still away from my regular office, and working on a stack of deadlines that are keeping me from posting with the regularity you’ve grown to expect. Thanks for your continued patience — Next year will be better! Now for this month’s sparks to get […]

Weekend Assignment: Strokes of Genius

Last week while traveling, I was stuck in a hotel room channel surfing while my hubby hogged the computer to feed his newfound Angry Birds addiction. (Yes, we keep him cloistered, so it takes awhile for things like AB to filter in.) I happened to stumble onto one of Bob Ross’s televised painting lessons. I’m […]

5 Ideas for More Productive Procrastination

We’ve all been there. That story you KNEW would practically write itself has taken a sabbatical, the blog post you need to get done today is playing dead, you’re tired, bored,  insert excuse here. Out of nowhere, Procrastination arrives to save  waste the day. As writers, we’re taught to feel bad if we procrastinate. After all, […]

Weekend Assignment: Life Lessons

Happy weekend, writers! This week’s assignment post is doing double duty. It’s a prompt, PLUS a contest announcement. The Fifth Annual Real Simple Life Lessons Essay Contest  is going on right now. Each year they have a new theme based on a question. This year’s question is: “If you could change one decision you made […]

Weekend Assignment: Emotions in Motion

Emotions have run rampant at my house in the last week. Disappointment over a cancelled trip, worry about multiple family matters, sorrow for friends suffering a loss, and quiet contentment after a day well spent have made me think about how large a role emotions play in everyday life — and in all the ways […]

Writing Prompts

I love writing prompts. Those random little tidbits can inspire me for days. While I’ve posted about the prompts I tweet daily (you are following me on twitter, right?), I know that prompts are not one size fits all. On any given day, what inspires me may trigger nothing more than a “meh” from you. […]