Writing the Single-Sentence Story Summary

This week, over at the Advanced Fiction Writing Blog, author Randy Ingermanson once again dove into the world of the one-sentence story summary. Ingermanson spent the month of March conducting a workshop via his blog to help others write these tantalizing tidbits which are useful in both focusing a story idea before you write it, and selling it once it’s done.

Definitely a worthwhile exercise. I know I’ll be using it to focus my efforts as I resurrect a novel that has languished on my hard drive for far too long.


4 comments on “Writing the Single-Sentence Story Summary

  1. You’re resurrecting the novel? Does this mean I might finally see how it ends? Yea! *does happy dance*

  2. The one sentence summary is almost always the toughest thing to start out on in a novel because of all that you have to condense. It has helped me to start to resurrect a novel as well, though, so it looks like it is pretty helpful! Good luck with yours.

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