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Spammer Grammar #1

The comment count continues to grow here at B&B. Thanks to all who chime in! With the good comes the bad–the inevitable spam. Many times, spam writers are not native English speakers, or if they are, they have run over the grammar in their sentences with a lawn mower before posting. These comments make my […]

Freelance Fortune & Misfortune

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had some fantastic opportunities come my way. One big one came when a long term client asked me to take over an ongoing project. Needless to say, I was thrilled. At the end of the phone conversation, the client made a request: “Please don’t post this on facebook […]

Weekend Assignment: Big Fish

The first time I saw Tim Burton’s Big Fish, the movie struck a chord with me. I related to William’s quest to sort the man from the myth that was his father, because I too grew up with a man who was (and still is) a teller of tales. To this day, some of my father’s […]

Submit, Submit, Submit: Writing Markets May 2012

Thanks for stopping in for the latest markets.I hope you find something useful. Disclaimer: Bear in mind that I am sharing these links not endorsing them. While I’ve checked out these sites, always read the complete guidelines before submitting anything AND always do your homework. Massage and Bodywork is a specialty magazine covering information in the […]

Writers: Make Time for Marketing

Writers wear many hats: The Thinking Cap of New Ideas.The Beret of Creative Artistry. The Hard Hat of Beating Deadlines. Not to mention the Funny Cake-Shaped Hat for Special Occasions. Perhaps the most important hat you need to think about as a writer is the Cowboy Hat of Marketing.  You may wonder why your marketing […]

Weekend Assignment: Writing Roots

What are your writing roots? Where did that initial spark that made you want to become a writer come from? Was it a picture book you read as a child? A novel from  your teen years? I think I was ten or eleven when I started reading Erma Bombeck. From there I progressed to other […]

For Writers of Small Fiction

Do you write flash fiction? Lucky you! Today is National Flash Fiction Day (U.K.)! In honor of the holiday to celebrate writing small, I’ve compiled a round-up of helpful links. What is Flash Fiction? Though the definition varies according to publisher,  “Flash What? A Quick Look at Flash Fiction,” by Jason Gurley and posted on […]

The Writing Equation: Make Your Time = More Money

As a writer, I’m much more word nerd than mathematician. But when it comes to money, I’m willing to do the math. In order to earn a living pecking out words on a keyboard, I know I have to get the most $$ from every idea I pursue. You’ve heard the old adage: Time = […]

Weekend Assignment: Sensory Overload

Welcome to the weekend writing assignment! This week, my youngest child (a.k.a. The Boy) decided to take an unplanned, and unannounced, vacation. I learned about this trip when, during a phone call, I asked, “Where are you?” and he responded, “The beach.” He sent me this photo along with the text message: “Wish you were […]

Discoveries: Freelancers Union

I’ve just learned about this site, and I’m still exploring it myself, so this is more of a “heads-up” post, rather than a recommendation. Freelancers Union is a free membership site for independent workers. There are links to create contracts, find group insurance (although group rates aren’t available in my area), find jobs, join the […]